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Auburn University Selects LINE-X to Protect Historic Baseball Dugouts

LINE-X, a global leader in powerful protective coatings, renowned spray-on bedliners and first-rate truck accessories, has partnered with Auburn University, the second-largest university in Alabama, to restore the roofs and facia of the baseball dugouts at Samford Stadium-Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park. Samford Stadium-Hitchcock Field, home of the Auburn Tigers, has a reputation for being one of the top venues in the country for college baseball. In preparation for the new season, the university decided to restore the roofs of the dugouts to ensure they were ready for years of extreme Alabama weather and foul balls.

After considering several options, Auburn University selected LINE-X as the exclusive partner to apply its high-quality pure polyurea to protect against the elements while providing an aesthetically-pleasing look for the dugout roofs. The UV-stable coating was tinted in Plainsman Park Green to naturally blend with the additional stadium infrastructure like railings and seating. LINE-X is recognized across the country for its popular spray-on bedliners, but its premier protective coatings expand into other applications which includes adding durability and weatherproofing to concrete structures.

LINE-X was selected for this unique situation, as it was one of the only solutions the university could rely on to defend the dugouts against harsh and unpredictable Alabama weather. Unlike regular paint, the LINE-X coating won’t fade, crack, bubble or peel when exposed to the elements. The LINE-X coating also creates a water-tight barrier to prevent seepage into the concrete even during harsh storms. The original fading paint was mechanically removed to expose the raw concrete of the roof and front fascia before it was sprayed with a primer and then the color-matched LINE-X protective coating.

Additional benefits of LINE-X’s protective spray-on coating include:

  • Creates a self-leveling moisture barrier against harsh-weather elements

  • Resistant to sun fade, chipping, scratching and slipping

  • Reduced preventative maintenance saving time and money

“As an alumnus from Auburn University, I’m really excited to see LINE-X as the company selected to help restore the dugout roofs, making sure they will last for years,” said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-X. “It’s no secret that LINE-X is a company with deep roots in Alabama, and we are proud to hear the prestigious Auburn University trusted us to protect what matters most to them. No matter the weather, we need to keep these young athletes on the field and in the game, and I am confident LINE-X has helped support that goal.”


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